Once Home

Photo: Creative Commons

Photo: Creative Commons


returning to a vaguely familiar place
the smell of time resides in still air
though walls appear unmoved
the irregular space within is much smaller now
each room lodged between two times
then and now; chipped layers of paint overlapping
revealing more than memories
within shifting walls
window panes
floors and doors
all worn as I touch the past
my hand over an invisible chair
seeing a lamp not there
hearing the creak just above the living room
illusory substitutes for reality
the vent in the floor
intake for dust of the past
keeps its stores in solitude
until the dead of eternal winter
I depart again knowing no satisfaction
what was once home is only a shell
of lives no longer there
my once resolute faith now lingers in the intake
more than the absence of then is now
the sense of a fleeting touch
of when
and of my somewhere

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