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July 27, 2014

Drought and Jung

Photo: Creative Commons

Photo: Creative Commons



in dry soil

if only a parable

fixed in four days


but over time

drought affronts me

screaming like wanton child

yelling for me to listen


the more I hear

the deeper I dig

into the red soil of my psyche

to hide


but I fail to hide in dust

it only accentuates

my malnourished form

my imbalance


so I can only climb

to the highest point

of my consciousness

and force my young self to listen



to the wind

to the silence

to the wisdom of droughts


of age telling me

to seek order in the present

and of rain that returns

only when I’m ready



About the Poem: In 1914, Carl Jung began his entries in what would become Primus Novus: The Red Book – cited as one of the most important contributions to the study of psychology. This poem pays a simple homage to the 100-year anniversary of the inception of Jung’s introspective journal.



July 25, 2014

On My Birthday

On My Birthday


we meet again each summer

always under the hottest sun


each reencounter brings reminders:

smells of chocolate frosting from a cake on a picnic table,

squishy balloons filled with water,

colored plates and napkins where bees hovered

playing in the center of the universe for a day

when the sun shone highest


and each thereafter incrementally less bright

though a little more centered


each celebration now flutters in a late afternoon breeze

a breeze that relieves me from a humid youth

under lengthening shadows

it resuscitates the flame of a lone candle

reflecting not the passing years

but the next one anew



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