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May 24, 2015


Hallway, Pdreijnders CC BY-SA 3.0

Hallway, Pdreijnders CC BY-SA 3.0


Words resonate in ether

Until I remember their context.

They become ghosts when I come close to forgetting them,

But my mind pulls them back into consciousness

to flicker and fold.


In dim light they describe you,

Your movements, your sounds.

In suspended disbelief I smell your skin,

The heat emanating from your body when I rubbed your back,

Back for a touch, then rubbed away by a fool’s dust.


Until words recreate your shape, your being,

I’m cheated by their shells.

Words can only haunt

Like ghosts that linger at the end of a hallway,

According to the darkness.


Though reason pulls me forward I reach behind

To touch dim light beyond dust.

I know that I shouldn’t believe in ghosts,

But I linger in cheap words

That imitate you.


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