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February 1, 2015

Somewhere Gentle Man

Photo: The Lonely Sky, Unmesh (CC BY SA 3.0)

Photo: The Lonely Sky, Unmesh (CC BY SA 3.0)


Gentle memories:

A smile,

A laugh,


Voice of your life.


Chance as natural as breath

Allowed our paths to cross,

And a few gentle words

Were always enough to keep us connected

Until the next random meeting.


Today chances evade me

And I grasp for just one more.

Through overgrown landscapes

I search,

But I can’t find you.


A long exhale

Tips the gentle balance of chance

And drifts into our random places.

Our continuous conversation

Fades into silence.


Following the echoes of our crossing

I can only think about the randomness

Of our gentle moments,

The chances given to us to share

In the simplicity of life’s humors.


I inhale, holding my breath to respond.

And when I can’t hold it any longer,

I reluctantly accept that memories are just placeholders

Until I breathe another chance with you,

Somewhere gentle man.



In memory of my gentle friend, Mike Insidioso.




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