The Coyote and the Full Moon

Photo: Creative Commons

Photo: Creative Commons


under a full moon near the end of june

a coyote wails for companionship in the foothills

the moonlight in all of its splendor halts the dark breezes for the night

to portray the spotlight spectacle that the world expects to see


echoes of a coyote cry seep into fissures in the soil

where the moon can’t reach

until tonight

as if to follow the cries with curiosity


the moon only shows its bright side

but is eager to explore the dark

endlessly nascent in the belief that balance is found from seeking the unknown

in hidden craters

in crevasses

in coyote cries


would the full moon disappoint the world by turning itself

the coyote would continue its dark journey unseen

both content in hiding from the world

their light

their cries

their bodies

their hunger

eternal expectations borne unto them


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