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May 5, 2013

Into the Wind

Photo: Creative Commons

Photo: Creative Commons

To see my father age before my eyes

Inherited eyes keen to recognize the insensitivity of a barren, West Texas landscape in the heat of summer

A once stoic, authoritative, swaggering rock was now crumbling soil

When winds slowly picked away layer after layer of his countenance

I ran with cupped hands to retrieve what the wind stole – if only to delay the inevitable a little while longer


In a geology of generations, machismo, traditions, ideas born to the uneducated child of an overbearing mother, each brittle layer was stolen by a new wind while escaping grains nestled themselves between the needles of saguaros


As shadows encircled above, his stride was slow, his posture hunched

Every windward step taxed his body

The protector who once held my hand to cross the creek bed, I now protected him

The provider who was always there for me, I was now there for him


I turned to block him from the wind and sky and looked into his surrendering eyes

He looked back into mine


Just then I felt the wind penetrate my enlarging pores


Before we turned our eyes into the wind

I grabbed at that moment anticipating the indifferent gust that would diminish it to dust

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