Beat Girl

Photo: Creative Commons

Photo: Creative Commons

Beat Girl, you lived in the flat above me

I knew you from how much you said you hated your mom, and your unfair life


Beat Girl, you woke me up one morning

You were yelling again at your mom

At first I thought you a disrespectful, adolescent brat

Your friends must have hated their mothers too

Your screams at the top of your lungs were plain intolerable


I heard stomping and noises and then your defensive screams

You were hitting your mother – your mother was hitting you back


A mother, unable to lose her Korean accent, lost you with each translated hit

Though she feared failing her generation

like every generation angry at the next

She still had control over you because you weren’t ready

You could do nothing but cry, and yell, and wait a little longer


An hour later your mother must have watched you run out the door to school

Her fists still clenched with expectation like her mother and all mothers before her


Beat Girl, I waited for you to come home that day

The next morning I expected to hear you fight again for your future

While I waited, I decided to call you Beat Girl

I wasn’t sure if you were finally beat or if you were a girl anymore, but it was how I remembered you

It must have been how your mom remembered you every time she looked at her hands


I never heard you fight again with your mother

Did you find your future Beat Girl?



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