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March 12, 2012

An Audio Short Story: Erasing DeKooning

My latest creation – an audio short story:

Erasing DeKooning is a short story inspired by the artwork Erased DeKooning Drawing, 1953 by Robert Rauschenberg which captivated me on a visit to MOMA – San Francisco several years ago. A young Rauschenberg acquired the original mixed-media drawing from his mentor William DeKooning. The artist allowed Rauschenberg to erase his entire work as a statement of abstract expressionism. The result is what appears to be a blank, sepia-toned canvas. This story portrays the action of erasing not only as a metaphor of the progression of a new artistic movement, but also of the generational shift in life, death and legacy.

Listen to the Audio Short Story: Erasing DeKooning

Read more from NPR’s Robert Krulwich about the creation of this work of art:

March 12, 2012

Maxim #6

My most productive writing meets the following simple test: Would it be something I’d read?


March 12, 2012

My New Blog

I begin my journey into blogging with a quote from Virginia Woolf, one of the most influential writers on my philosophy of writing, on the creative process and transmutation – turning moments into art:

He has to have the courage to say that what interests him is no longer ‘this’ but ‘that’: out of ‘that’ alone must he construct his work. For the moderns ‘that’, the point of interest, lies very likely in the dark places of psychology. At once, therefore, the accent falls a little differently; the emphasis is upon something hitherto ignored; at once a different outline of form becomes necessary, difficult for us to grasp, incomprehensible to our predecessors.

Modern Fiction, Virginia Woolf


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